Food and Drugs Board spells out laws to ensure food safety

The Food and Drugs Board (FDB) is to collaborate with Environmental Health Officers to ensure food safety and quality.

The FDB lauded the collaboration as the best way to   monitor the activities of food producers and ensure that they comply with the laws that govern their activities.

Ms Marian Lovelace Johnson, Head of Food Safety Management Unit of the Board on Thursday schooled the Environmental Health Officers in Accra, on the Food and Drugs Law.

She said any person who sell or offer food that is harmful or unwholesome or deceive consumers about its character, nature, value, substance, quality, composition merit or safety through advertisement commit an offence.

Ms Johnson warned that any person who sells any food that is not of the nature, substance or quality of the article demanded by the purchaser commits an offence.

She said unless a food is manufactured under supervision, the manufacturer would not be allowed to sell such the product.

According to Ms Johnson, persons who sell, prepare, package, convey, store or display for sale any food that is unfit for human consumption and under insanitary conditions, also commits an offence.

On the advice of the board offenders would have their premises closed.

Ms Johnson said any person who obstruct or impede an authorised officer in the course of his or her duty or offer gratuity, bribe, promise, or any other inducement to influence the personnel commits a crime.

She explained that any person who commits an offence under the law, for which no special penalty was provided, shall be liable for conviction.

Source: GNA

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    What are the major laws that regulate food safety in Ghana.

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