Apple sues Nokia in Britain

Apple has sued Nokia in Britain, extending the two technology giants’ legal battle over patents beyond U.S. borders.

“We are investigating the claims, which appear to be based on nine implementation patents already in suit between the two companies in the United States,” said Nokia spokesman Mark Durrant.

The two firms have been locked in a legal tussle since last October, when Nokia sued Apple in the United States, arguing the iPhone-maker was getting a “free ride” on technologies patented by Nokia.

The Finnish company said Apple owed it royalties for using Nokia technology that allows such basic mobile tasks as sending email or downloading applications.

The U.S. trade body ITC is set to decide on some of the claims between the two companies next year, while the key court hearings are scheduled for 2012 in Delaware.

A spokesman for Apple in Britain was not immediately available for comment.

Shares in Nokia were 0.3 percent lower at $9.78 by 6:17 p.m. British time, while Apple shares were 1.2 percent lower at $287.56, hurt by rumours its No. 2 executive Tim Cook was departing for Hewlett-Packard Co.
Source: Reuters

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