After Ghana launch Western Union now has over 20,000 locations across Africa

The Western Union money transfer system, a financial service that made it possible for African’s living abroad to conveniently remit their families back home now has over 20,000 agent locations across Africa in 49 countries as at today September 22, 2010.

Western Union first launched in Ghana in 1995 and extended its services to reach 10 countries within the first year. More recently, a 25% expansion rate over the second quarter of 2009 has seen the network grow from 15,000 to 20,000 Agent locations in the space of 12 months, the company has said in a press release copied to

In Ghana, there are 1,060 Western Union Agent locations.

Western Union Company, together with its Vigo, Orlandi Valuta, Pago Facil and Custom House branded payment services, provides consumers and businesses with fast, reliable and convenient ways to send and receive money around the world, as well as send payments and purchase money orders.

According to a 2009 report published by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), remittance flows to Africa reach approximately US$40 billion every year. This figure exceeds official development assistance and, in the case of many countries, foreign direct investment as well.

The release also indicated that the company completed 196 million consumer-to-consumer transactions worldwide, moving $71 billion of principal between consumers, and 415 million business payments.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

  1. Steve says

    Can people in Ghana transfer money abroad (to USA) using Western Union, or is Western Union only receiving money transfers into Ghana?

  2. hi, says

    where can i go to,i mean the western union branch,where i can take my money in dollars sent for me by my fiance from abroad .i want my dollars and not cedis plssssssssssssssssssssssss.

  3. shirley says

    i m in ghana,pls i need 2 knw ,i want the money in dollars,the way it was sent and not in cedis

  4. Stephen Borffo-mensah says

    Can i send money to other countries from ghana through western union

  5. Tshis says

    Hi, all money transfer organizations are only allowed by the Bank of Ghana to receive remittances. The Bank also restricts them to operate independently. They have to partner with locally based banks or other financial institutions. The bank imposes payment in local currency. Thank you.

  6. Enter your name... says

    where can i find this service in adeiso pls

  7. Kobby says

    Can i receive money from Australia through Western Union and how?i’m in Ghana

  8. duah says

    can money be received in dollars in Ghana as well

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