Fake doctor jailed for three months

A 38-year-old man, Theophilus Tay, who faked being a doctor and earned a job as the head of the Medical Department of the J-Prompt Institute of Technology (JPIT), was last Friday sentenced to three months’ imprisonment by an Accra Circuit Court.

Tay, who pleaded guilty to the charges of false assumption of professional title and illegal practice of medicine, was in addition fined Gh¢1,200 or in default go to jail for two months.

Students of the JPIT whom Tay was training to become medical assistants and who had suspected that he was fake due to his incompetence in handling the subjects he taught were present in court.

Prior to pronouncing the sentence by Mrs Ivy Heward-Mills, who presided, Tay wept uncontrollably.

Prosecuting, Police Chief Inspector Edward Afful told the court that Tay, who also owned and operated the Teshie Teenage Foundation Clinic, was reported to the Medical and Dental Council (MDC) by one of the students he was training to become a medical assistant at the JPIT.

Suspecting that he was fake due to his incompetence in teaching, the prosecutor said, the students sought to find out from the MDC whether Tay was registered with the council, and where he had trained.

He said when the MDC looked through its records, it found that Tay was fake and he was arrested.

Source: Daily Graphic

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