Police following leads on murder of gas company

The Madina District Police is following leads to help it identify the murderers of Mr Louis Aidoo, Chief Executive Officer of Louis Gas Company, by armed robbers at Madina Estates in Accra last Tuesday night.

Speaking to the GNA on Friday, the Madina District Police Commander, Chief Superintendent of Police David Eklu, said the Police had also set up a special desk at the Police Station to investigate the murder.

A 24-hour hot line, 0302-500322, has been set up for the public to give information on the murder.

He said he was impressed about the commitment of the general public saying their assistance would speed up the arrest of the armed robbers.

The deceased owned the Louis Gas Filling stations at the Trade Fair site, Kisseman, Kpando, Kumasi and Tarkwa.

When Mr Aidoo arrived at home on Tuesday night around 2000 hours he was welcomed by the family after parking his vehicle.

He opened the trunk of his car and took out his bag which he handed over to his wife, at that moment, the assailant jumped into compound of the house from a low fence wall.

Mrs Aidoo sensing danger after a warning shot by the armed robber, threw the bag containing some personal effects and an unspecified amount of money to the armed robber.

After the armed robber had picked the bag, he shot Mr Aidoo in the chest and he fell on the ground. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Source: GNA

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