Burning of Indian hemp “smokes out” Tarkwa residents

Residents of Tarkwa have expressed their dissatisfaction at the burning of large quantity of Indian hemp at the Tarkwa Circuit court premises on September 13 this year.

They said the thick smoke that emanated from the burning of the substance caused headaches, coughs, cold, vomiting and dizziness among residents in the area.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) on Friday, Mr John Boah, a resident near the court, said he felt dizzy, uncomfortable and had to abandon his room when he realised that the smoke was occupying his room.

He said initially he did not know where the thick smoke was coming from, but another tenant informed him that it was from the burning of the Indian hemp near the court premises.

He said such destruction should in the future be done at approved locations to prevent them from inhaling drugs it had no intention of using.

Maame Esi Quayson, a food vendor said the smell was so strong that it left her with coughs and cold, but did not go to a hospital and has also not reported officially to the court.

“How can I go to the court and tell them, I may end up in prison” she lamented.

It would be recalled that the Tarkwa circuit court on September 13, ordered the burning of 981,700 kilogrammes of Indian hemp.

The Indian hemps were concealed in eight maxi sacks and five mini sacks that was being transported from Kumasi through Tarkwa but was intercepted by the Police.

The destruction was supervised by the court’s Registrar, the Police and observed by the general public.

GNA investigations at the Tarkwa district and divisional Police headquarters and residences, indicated that some police personnel and their families, had to relocate to temporary places until the stench subsided before they came back.

Staff at the Courts, however, had no option and therefore remained in their offices to endure the smoke.

The affected victims have appealed to the court to send such items to designated refuse disposal sites for destruction in future.

A court official, who spoke on conditions of anonymity, said though series of burning had been done previously the recent quantity was too large.

Meanwhile, no victim has formally lodged a complaint either to the Court, the Police or any health facility.

Source: GNA

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