Sex toys available in Accra, can be bought by SMS

It appears the Ghanaian society is going through its most dramatic period of change ever, as it is being confronted with some of the facts most people within the society have frowned upon for a very long time – issues of sexuality.

The country has been debating the issue of homosexuality for a very long time and the debate is heated. And it has hardly cooled off, and now another reality of a sexual nature is hitting the society – sex toys are now available in Accra and can be bought by just sending a text message.

This is a big challenge to the Ghanaian society – a society that lives and thrives on denial.

While there have been reports of hawkers selling sex enhancing drugs and sex enhancing objects and toys, a business dealing in sex toys, lubricants and other high end sex items including bondage equipment has sprung up in Accra. This shop also offers vibrators, lingerie and wedding items for both men and women.

The business has a website displaying items on sale with prices indicated in Ghana cedis. Anyone interested in any item can also place an order online and the items will be delivered.

To clarify the legality in Ghana of this type of business, spoke to two lawyers. They both indicated that they have not yet come across any law that makes this an offence.  They however promised to look into it.

Indeed, the items can also be ordered through a phone call. “We don’t have a shop, but we can deliver the items at any agreed venue and you pay us on the spot,” a female voice behind the line told on enquiry.

While did not ask why the business does not have a physical location or a shop, it is obvious that the owners of the business, aware of the possible reaction from a section of the Ghanaian public have decided to remain underground.

Social change is inevitable for every human society, but to a large extent, not all societies accept change so easily, it is yet to be seen how the majority of the Ghanaian public will feel comfortable with a sex shop sitting somewhere in the heart of the capital, Accra.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

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