We are all potential prisoners – Clergyman

Reverend Frank Anku, former Clerk of the General Assembly of the E.P. Church Sunday exhorted Christians to see Prisoners as a “community of faith” and extend help to them.

“Remember it could be you. The Prisoner we think deserves his punishment rather requires our help”, he admonished.

Reverend Anku was preaching the sermon on the theme: “rejoice, over one repentant sinner” at the Ho Bankoe Elorm E.P. Church to celebrate the Prison Ministry Week and raise funds for the Ministry.

He observed that but for the grace of God, “many of us” walking about freely could as well be in prison given the things we do daily.

Reverend Anku therefore urged Christians to keep their charge of helping in the physical and spiritual reformation of prisoners.

He said it was this message which Jesus Christ sought to send across in the story of the shepherd leaving 99 righteous sheep to go look for one lost sheep over whom the angels in heaven rejoiced.

Reverend Stella Katso, Head of the Prison Ministry, urged Christians to join the fold of “the Friends of Prisoners.”

She said the role of Christians was crucial to the reformation processes of Prisoners and their integration into society.

Reverend Katso said many prisoners have grown to seek comfort in the Prisons because society has given up on them off whereas “they are the lost sheep that must be sought for and brought back to the fold.”

Source: GNA

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