Pastor raises red flag over abuse of narcotic drugs in Ghana

Pastor Kwabena Kodua of the Gracious Feed Ministries in Accra, at the weekend described the marketing and use of narcotic drugs and other psychotropic substances as an ominous and formidable challenge confronting humanity today.

He noted that users of narcotic drugs often failed to acknowledge the fact that excessive use of a natural and a synthetic substance for non-medical reasons to produce pleasure or escape reality can adversely affect a person’s physical and emotional health as well as his or her social life.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency, Pastor Kodua said unfortunately the drug trade is one of the most lucrative enterprises in the world, which brings instant wealth and affluence.

He said young people are engaged in substance abuse either to gain acceptance among their peers, out of naivety and curiosity, to excel in academic or sporting performance, escape emotional problems and challenges or to rebel against parental and societal values and authority.

Pastor Kodua observed that there is a correlation between drugs and crime, adding: “Crime feeds on drugs,” hence the need for paradigm shift in the fight against the menace.

“As dealing in drugs gains a central hold, crime and atrocities will be unleashed unto the people. The human resource base of the nation will be adversely affected by drugs. The government therefore must as a matter of urgency… make a bold commitment to push resources into the battle against drugs.”

“Drug dealing in any form and under any circumstance must be made to be a very costly and suicidal enterprise for all patrons.”

Pastor Kodua stressed the need for public awareness about the dangers of drug patronage while the Narcotics Control Board should be strengthened to have a presence throughout the country.

“There must be an aggressive and a vigorous campaign to make all aware of the threats posed by drugs.

“It is therefore imperative that we galvanise the national will for an unrelenting crusade that will give drug dealers no peace or comfort.”

Pastor Kodua asked Parliament to move swiftly to outlaw all adverts on alcohol and aphrodisiacs while stringent measures must be employed to ensure that minors do not get access to tobacco and alcoholic beverages.

He suggested the need for a national fund to sustain the national campaign against drug nuisance and use and rehabilitation of victims.

Source: GNA

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