IMF says risks to global economic growth intensifies

In a hard hitting statement ahead of the TUC Congress, which opens in Manchester on Monday, the organisation said the country’s economy was in “great danger” because of the “unprecedented” cuts.

The TUC’s general council warned that in next month’s comprehensive spending review the Government will start to withdraw £32 billion from the economy in tax rises and spending cuts from April 2011, on top of the £8.9 billion already taken out this financial year.

The cuts will affect economic activity, undermine confidence and could lead to higher unemployment which was currently “stuck” at around two and a half million, with young people particularly badly hit, said the TUC.

“There is therefore scant prospect that the private sector will now create the new jobs needed. Falling confidence suggests a stagnant labour market and at best a jobless recovery. But the prospect of further deep public spending cuts makes even this look like an optimistic scenario, as both public sector staff and employees in the many companies that depend on the public sector for orders lose their jobs,” said the statement.

The union organisation also claimed that making hundreds of thousands of public servants redundant at a time of such cuts and with reduced redundancy pay when there was little or no chance of finding private sector employment was “callous”.

The TUC warned that deep cuts to public services, benefits and tax credits were bound to have more impact on those with low incomes, adding: “Women, disabled people and those from black and minority ethnic communities are likely to be among the biggest victims of the cuts and the greater inequality they will bring.

“Unlike cuts, tax increases need not bear down on those least able to afford them, and can reduce inequality across society as a whole.

The TUC also warned that major redundancies, a public sector pay freeze at a time of rising prices and large-scale reorganisations in many services, particularly the National Health Service, will “seriously damage” morale amongst public sector workers.

Echoing a warning given earlier this week by TUC general secretary Brendan Barber, the general council said: “Real terms pay cuts, privatisation and restructuring, job cuts and threats to pensions all adds up to a volatile cocktail that could give rise to difficult and damaging disputes, and the TUC stands ready to support and co-ordinate union action where members decide that industrial action is necessary to defend services and those who deliver them.”
Source: Reuters

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