Ghanaians urged to add fruits, vegetables to nutritional repertoire

Mr Yaw Asante-Anyimadu, an Assistant Chief Nutrition Officer, has advised Ghanaians to add fruits and vegetables to their nutritional repertoire to ensure good health at all times.

Mr Asante-Anyimadu at the Akim Oda Municipal Health Directorate said there were many means to adding variety to the Ghanaian eating pattern.

He told the Ghana News Agency after a programme on health issues at Akim Oda in the Birim Central Municipality on Friday.

The nutrition officer mentioned kontomire, carrot, cucumber, cabbage, garden-eggs as few vegetables that people must eat, but noted that the typical Ghanaian diet was becoming “one-way” in respect of “ampesi”, “akpele”, kenkey or fufu.

He said cucumbers are associated with lots of nutrition benefits, for which fresh cucumber juice could provide relief from acid stomach, gastritis, heart-burn, ulcer. He added that daily consumption of cucumber juice helped to control arthritis and gout.

Mr Asante-Anyimadu said, being rich in minerals, cucumber prevents splitting of nails of the finger and toes. Cucumber, he noted is associated with healing properties pertained to diseases of the kidney, urinary bladder, liver as well as the pancreas.

According to Mr Asante-Anyimadu, watermelon is rich in potassium, a nutrient that can help to control blood pressure, to regulate heartbeat and possibly to prevent stroke. Melon has lots of vitamin ‘C’.

He said watermelon had lycopene, which could help to reduce the risk of prostate, breast; endometrial cancers incluing lung and colon cancer.

He said a major nutrient critical in pregnancy is iron, adding that there was the need for a corresponding increase in iron and other blood forming nutrients to ensure the well-being of both the baby and the mother.

When asked how healthy mushrooms are, Mr Asante-Anyimadu said, they aided in the overall health and well-being of a person.

Mushrooms are low in fats and that one could easily consume these fungi, without the fear of gaining weight. They are rich in fibre and therefore, encouraged Ghanaians to consume them.

According to him, health entailed cleanliness and eating the right quantity of food.

He noted that failure to exercise could lead to all kinds of diseases like blood pressure and diabetes and advised Ghanaians to endeavour to live healthy lifestyles to help prevent all manner of sicknesses.

Source: GNA

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