Some kissing in movies is real – Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson

One of Ghana’s finest and budding actresses, Yvonne Nelson, has stated that 50% of the kissing that is seen in Ghanaian movies is actually real, contrary to hitherto espoused views that it is all make believe.

Responding to the question of kissing in an exclusive interview with earlier this year at her home in Accra, Yvonne, who is fast becoming a household name, not only in Ghana but Nigeria and the rest of Africa, affirmed thus: “Yes, the kissing, 50% is real. The rest we might just fake that we are kissing but I think, yes it is as real as you see it.”

Yvonne explained that there are scenes that require intensive kissing as the director instructs, whereas with others it is just a normal kiss, adding “but sometimes I think it all has to do with the chemistry you have with whoever you are acting with.”

She stated further that if one is acting with someone he or she doesn’t really get along with, there is a holding back a little bit, while it is the opposite if the two parties are at home with each other.

Touching on the thorny issue of nudity and sex scenes in some Ghanaian movies, the 6ft tall pretty actress lamented that some producers are exploiting new entrants into the movie industry and using it as a marketing strategy to meet their own selfish ends.

“An actor, an actress, all we do is do our job, but now it looks like Ghanaians or producers are using that as a marketing strategy to sell their movies because they know (they are always using new girls to do that) that if you see some naked girl, I mean everybody will rush to go and see what it is like in the movie,” Yvonne charged.

“I think they are just over-doing it, over-using it, because you watch a movie and then you see all those sex scenes and then you find out that they don’t add anything to the story,” she continued.

While accepting that she has ever played such a role in a Ghanaian movie, Yvonne said there was justification for that part she played in the movie, since it formed an integral part of the story line.

“I believe that I did something similar but it had like, I mean it played a major part in the story so if you watch ‘The Heart of Men’ you will know what I am talking about,” she confirmed.

According to the talented actress, it was right after “The Heart of Men” that most of the producers started abusing sex in movies, maintaining however that it is not out of place if such scenes have some relevance to the story line.

Yvonne however cautioned; “we shouldn’t really overdo it and show too much because I don’t think it is helping the kids.”

Intimating that most of her fans are children, the actress, who hails from the Western Region of Ghana, said, “It’s like they are always coming here knocking on my gate so if they watch these movies then…I don’t know. If my parents see me as in a 10-year-old looking at that it is very bad so they should try and settle it up. I think right now they are overdoing it, yeah they are just abusing the sex scenes and all the romance and kissing in movies.”

The actress also graciously opened a window of her private life and divulged that she has a man in her life. She however declined to name the lucky man because she does not want to entangle him in her public life.

Yvonne, who is the last born of her parent’s three children, expressed her angst at various gossips and publications that have sought to pair her up with some male colleagues in the movie business, saying her man is a private person.

“I am sick and tired of all the rumours; people keep writing stuff about me. They see you with somebody and they think ah that’s the end. I have always been in a relationship. For like two years now I have been in a relationship. The person is very private and very reserved and stuff so I don’t really disclose who he is anywhere.

“But I have been linked with so many people; with Majid, John (referring to Dumelo), you know, so many other people and recently I heard it was Jim Iyke. So…I don’t know, what can you do about it? I mean, I can’t come out and say ok this is the man I am dating, but I’m in a relationship,” she stressed.

Yvonne Nelson maintains though that she does not hope to tie the knot anytime soon. “I am still a little girl you know. It can happen but I am not planning anything now,” she said.

By Edmund Smith-Asante

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    She is a real star. I just can stop watching her movies. I wish she could just speak to me for a minuste.

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    You are indeed a model! i’m your fan.

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