Former Ghana Airways staff asks government to investigate $2m royalties paid by KLM

Former Ghana Airways staff on Wednesday called on government to investigate how $2 million being the collection of KLM royalties by Ghana Airways between 2005 and 2008 was handled.

The government must also investigate the liquidation of Ghana Airways as quickly as practicable.

Speaking at a press conference in Accra, Mr Roland Wobil Mosore, Former Senior Staff Association Chairman, said the amount was paid at a time Ghana Airways was not in operation and asked government to find out who received the money, the account into which it was paid and signatories to the transaction.

He said the entire liquidation of the airlines was stinky and disgraceful and against professionalism and good governance.

Mr Mosore said there were hidden vampires in the administration of the aviation industry in the Transport Ministry and tasked government to involve representatives of the workers in decisions and directions and formulation of any policy or formation of a national carrier.

He appealed to government to consider setting up a new Ghana Airways, drawing on lessons from the failed Ghana International Airlines.

Mr Mosore said the over 1,375 staff of the Ghana Airways, including pilots and engineers, were now unemployed, except a few who were able to fix themselves in other areas.

Source: GNA

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