Farmer invites geologists to investigate sounds from rock

A local farmer has invited geologists to investigate the cause of a strange sound which emanates from a rocky field near his village, in the eastern part of Kwamikrom.

Mr David Kwasi Sai, who extended the invitation through the press, told the Ghana News Agency in an interview at Kwamikrom that the sound which resembles distant machine-gun fire, are loudest whenever the sun is hottest.

He explained that his late grandfather, Togbe Kanabo Sai of Ve-Deme in the Hohoe District in the Volta Region, first heard the sounds when he entered the forest in the year 1928 on hunting expeditions.

The farmer said his late grandfather bought a piece of land from a landlord at Akpafu for cocoa farming.  The land was later demarcated for his grandfather by the colonial government when the area was converted into a forest reserve.

Mr Sai directed the geologists to locate him at the Kwamikrom branch of the White Cross Church so as to lead them to the spot where they could conduct their investigations.

Source: GNA

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