GETFund celebrates 10th anniversary

The Board of Trustees and Management of GETFund on Wednesday expressed appreciation to all stakeholders, especially Parliament and the Ministry of Education, for their invaluable support.

This was contained in a statement issued by the Board and Management in Accra to commemorate its 10th anniversary.

It said; “Exactly 10 years today, August 25, 2000, the GETFund Act, Act 581 of 2000 received Presidential accent. It is this piece of legislation that gave birth to the GETFund, which today has become a very important institution in the financing of education in this country.”

“Ten years on, the GETFund has delivered largely on its mandate, bringing tremendous improvement in the provision of educational infrastructure across all sectors of public education in Ghana,” it added.

The statement said; “Board of Trustees and Management of GETFund wish, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Fund, to salute all our stakeholders, especially Parliament and the Ministry of Education, for the invaluable support they have extended to it”.

“At 10, the GETFund under the guidance of its Board of Trustees is well positioned to support government in providing educational finance supplementation particularly at the basic and secondary levels where there exists an urgent need to provide adequate classroom infrastructure for our rapidly growing in-school population,” it added.

The statement said the school under trees phenomenon, at this stage of the country’s development, was an issue that must engage the attention of all, and make it a thing of the past.

It said if children begun to experience formal education under trees and if they were unlucky would remained there until they had completed basic education.

The statement said the school environment must not only be enjoyable but also be facilitative enough to guide and nurture children into useful adulthood.

The statement said it was this conviction that motivated the Board of Trustees and Management of GETFund to work with all stakeholders to eliminate the schools under trees and in addition, provide the much-needed classrooms for senior high schools.

It said the Board of Trustees and Management would use the anniversary to reach out to stakeholders to engage in some purposeful discourse aimed at addressing issues of fund sustainability and priority.

“We look forward to a very deliberative period of 10th anniversary celebration aimed at building consensus on how the GETFund travels the next 10 years guided by the collective educational aspirations of the Ghanaian,” it added.

The statement said the last 10 years certainly, had been a period with visible presence of the GETFund in all corners of the country delivering on its mandate, adding; “We look forward to a future with greater success”.

Source: GNA

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