Nigerian man who dupes churches in UK, Ghana arrested

Gary Bire

The Nigerian Police at the weekend busted one Godwin Akpobire, alias ‘Gary Bire’, who allegedly duped a number of churches in Ghana and the UK of various sum of money.

Gary whose modus operandi is to promise vulnerable missions of his intention to assist them to improve on their physical infrastructure was arrested by the Warri Anti- Armed Robbery Squad in the Delta State, where he has been slapped with a number of fraud cases.

Dr Koku Adomdza, a legal advisor to one of the UK-based churches defrauded, told the Ghana News Agency that Gary was arrested at the Murtala Airport in Lagos, when he was spotted by a member of the Word of Life Ministry.

He said the Nigerian defrauded the church five years ago, when he offered to purchase the building of the mission at Trophy House, London and collected payments running into one million pound sterling plus that have been raised by the remortgaging of the property of some members of the congregation.

Dr Adomdza who is a member of the Word Miracle Outreach said Gary defaulted in paying the landlords, which led to the eviction of the defrauded church.

He said Gary closed down his registered company in the UK and was no where to be found.

“Gary obtained the money under false pretence and through deception and had caused considerable inconvenience for the church,” he explained.

“Gary Bire completely abused the trust that had been imposed in him by the leadership of the church and callously, insensitively and maliciously distressed the congregation.”

Dr Adomdza said the Nigerian succeeded in duping his unsuspecting victims by claiming to support them upfront with their projects through his non-existent Chapter TV Network and Chapters Financial Services.

He also operated using the name of one Susan Luggard, whom he claimed was a member of the British Royal Family as well as a number of companies registered under various names and identities.

Dr Adomdza said most of his victims who have lost money ranging from 50,000 pounds to one million pounds are too shy to front their identity to the media.

He said legal action would be instituted against Gary, who is currently in custody.

Source: GNA

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