Newmont Ghana pays over GH¢6m royalty to government

Newmont Ghana Gold Limited, one of the major gold mining companies in Ghana has paid royalties to the tune of GH¢6, 863,431.74 or $4,816,443.22  to the Ghana Govenrment’s Internal Revenue’s Large Taxpayer Unit in Accra.

In an advertisement in the Daily Graphic issue of August 13, 2010, Newmont Ghana announced that the company maid the payment on July 29, 2010.

According to the advertisement, the amount represents Newmont’s royalty payment for the second quarter of 2010, April to June for its Ahafo operations.

It also indicated that to date, the company has paid GH¢61,978,843.85 or $51,057,316.96 in addition to other direct financial benefits to the government of Ghana.

“Newmont Ghana’s presence also brings other economic benefits through salary payments to 5000 employees and contractors, purchases of goods and services from local and national suppliers and community development programmes,” it said.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

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  1. Busha T says

    Pocket Pocket Pocket coins, big deal. One of the executives little bonus. After hauling all that Gold. I think the countries leaders in Ghana and Africa as a whole should reconsider or think twice as quickly as possible the way they do business with a lots of consultation which is easily accessible these days to shape up some these agreement as time goes on to benefit the country which these resouces are being taken from. These are non renewable and once is finish is finish.

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