Teachers group proposes five-year term for Ghana’s Presidency

The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), has recommended the extension of the President’s tenure of office to five years.

This it said would allow the President enough space to carry through government’s developmental agenda.

Additionally, GNAT said that would help to lengthen the intervals between which elections are held to cut down cost.

This was contained in a statement issued at the end of GNAT Council Meeting in Kumasi on Thursday.

The statement, read by Mr Paul A. Apanga, National President of GNAT, also suggested the appointment of an Attorney General, who would not be a Minister of State.

According to the teachers, instead of being directed or assigned by the President as is currently enshrined in the Constitution, the Attorney General’s duties should be imposed by the Constitution or any other law.

It also touched on efforts GNAT is making to help sustain the interest of young teachers in the teaching profession and said it has launched its own youth policy to reduce the attrition rate of teachers in the country.

The policy aims at building the academic and professional capacity of young leaders, enhance their opportunities and promote their involvement in national development and the affairs of GNAT.

Again it would prepare young teachers to take leadership positions in GNAT.

To this end, a full-time National Youth Coordinator would be appointed to co-ordinate affairs of the youthful leaders in the Association.

The statement said GNAT was also collaborating with other educational sector workers’ associations to establish a “Master Trust Scheme” for all educational sector employees to manage the pension funds under the second-tier of the New Pension Scheme.

Source: GNA

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