Response to voters’ exhibition exercise is poor

A total of 109 out of 13,187 registered voters in 11 polling centres in the Ho Municipality have by the second day of the exhibition of the voters’ register checked their names in the register.

The exercise, which began on Monday, August 9, lasts for one week.

The poling stations are High Court, 16, Ho Bankoe L.A JHS, 10, Old R.C. Church, 10, and Bankoe R.C. Primary, 3.

Others are OLA Senior High School, 2, RTC, 20, Housing Primary, 5 and AME Zion Primary, 15.

The rest are Ho Dome E.P. Primary, 10, Market Square, Ahoe, 18 and United Pentecostal Primary, 0.

Mr. Stephen Apisawu, Exhibition Officer at the United Pentecostal centre, told the GNA that most people seemed unaware of the exercise and suggested that the Information Services Department (ISD) undertake regular public education about the exercise.

Ms. Edinam Alai, Exhibition Officer at the RTC centre, said most people who passed by asked what the exercise was about with some of them remarking that the exercise was un-necessary.

Ms. Belinda Dorvi, the Exhibition Officer at the Ho Bankoe L.A. JHS Centre, said unlike the previous exhibitions, chiefs were not beating gong-gong in the communities asking people to patronize the exercise hence the seeming low response.

Mr. Emmanuel Danso Abeam, Ho Municipal Director of the Electoral Commission (EC), said the poor response might be because it was not a registration exercise.

“But my appeal is that everybody should check his or her name to make sure your names are there and all information are correct,” he said.

Source: GNA

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