Globacom can’t find right staff for Ghana operations

Globacom, one of the mobile phone operators licensed to do business in Ghana can’t get the right caliber of people to start operations.

The company which received its license from the National Communications Authority (NCA) since June 2008  has not rolled out, even though it has spent millions of dollars in promotional campaigns.

Initially, Globacom cited regulatory and permit challenges for the delay. It accused the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for refusing it permits which resulted in delaying its plans to set up its base stations to begin operations.

After the permits issue was resolved, it indicated that it was facing challenges getting a frequency, but the country’s Ministry of Communications has said the frequency Globacom requires for its operations has been released to the company.

And then on May 24 this year, the Daily Graphic carried a story citing a Globacom source saying the company was leaving the country because its detractors were destroying its advertising items. The claim has since been denied., however can reveal that Globacom is also facing the challenge of hiring the right caliber of people to work for it.

A Marketing Consultant and lecturer at the Ashesi University Kofi Bentil had told that he is aware that Globacom is having difficulties in hiring staff. He told on the phone that “My information is also that they have not been able to build a good team.”

A source familiar with Globacom’s operations plans has also told that the company is having difficulties finding the right kind of staff to start its operations.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

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