Australia to lure British workers

An estimated 60 per cent of British employees are bored with their jobs and almost three-quarters never leave their office during work hours, according to a study.

The research is part of a recruiting drive to lure young Britons to Australia to fill positions as diverse as koala catcher, beer taster and shark tagger.

Those bored with their work said it rarely pushed them outside their comfort zone, while 71 per cent said they never had an opportunity to escape the office, the poll of 2,000 people for the Government of South Australia found.

Among the most disgruntled are those in Wrexham and Coventry, which were identified by the study as the worst places to work in Britain based on wages and social life.

Those most bored by their work come from Portsmouth, Chelmsford, Southampton, Cardiff and Oxford.

The survey revealed the most boring job sectors to be electronics, administration, retail and call centre work.

The South Australian government has launched a new campaign to poach stressed and bored Brits, advertising a range of jobs “in stark contrast to the UK’s long working hours, high taxes and increasing retirement age”. It is hoping to tempt 18 to 30-year-olds with the promise of the the “ultimate work-life balance”.

Source: ITN

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