Church condemns attempts to promote homosexuality

The Global Evangelical Church (GEC) has appealed to the government not to yield to the pressures to promote cultures that were inimical to the moral and spiritual health of Ghanaians in the name of human right.

A communiqué issued at the end of its 69th synod in Accra with the theme “That None should Perish,” the church condemned attempts by individuals and groups to promote homosexuality in the name of human right.

It said homosexuality was not only an abomination before God but also a threat to the moral and spiritual foundation of the society.

The Synod, which is the highest decision making body of the church (GEC), this year, recommitted itself to coordinated evangelism and also to identify each synod with reference to the year in which it was held, starting from next year.

The Communiqué called on the government to be unrelenting in its efforts to instil discipline in the management of the national resources and the environment.

Synod commended the law enforcement agencies and the judiciaries for their efforts at maintaining law and order and urged them to administer justice in order to step up discipline in the society.

It urged all Christian denominations to step up their evangelism efforts to save souls perishing in sin.

The communiqué commended government for its relentless war on armed robbery and drug trafficking in the country and urged government to do all in its power to improve the life of the people.

It congratulated the media for their contribution towards national development but called on them to desist from unbridled display of pornographic materials and advertisement of alcoholic beverages in both the electronic and the print media.

It also congratulated the Senior National Team the Black Stars for their achievement in the just ended World Cup tournament in South Africa for their spirit of tenacity and fortitude in the game.

It urged all Ghanaians to absorb the resilience of the Black Stars in order to achieve their goals.

Rt Rev Emmanuel K. Gbordzoe, Moderator of the church, called on all Ghanaian to accept Christ by being born again, adding that” born again citizens are always good citizens.”

He noted that a born again Christians would not litter his or her environment with plastic wastes indiscriminately because the God they worship was clean.

“If all Christians are born again there will be no armed robbery, prostitution, alcoholism, homosexuality and vices of difference magnitudes that we experience in the society today,” he said.

He said those who accept Christ were given a new image which positively affected their spiritual and physical lives.

Source: GNA

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