British pensioner wins about £300,000 on TV game

A “gob-smacked” pensioner has spoken of how she comforted her bingo-losing husband with some good news of her own – a near £300,000 TV game show win.

“I ain’t won owt”, grumbled Keith Mullins, 69, to wife Pamela as he returned to the couple’s Sheffield home after a fruitless trip to the local working men’s club.

Unsurprisingly, the lack of bingo success failed to worry Mrs Mullins. Having decided to have a quiet Saturday night in, the 67-year-old won £290,000 on ITV’s Magic Numbers.

Having been selected to play in the show’s end challenge, the former data entry clerk answered five general knowledge questions correctly to ensure a good chance of a big prize. And as former Spice Girl Emma Bunton opened her selected cases, the money started piling up.

“I was absolutely stunned. ‘Gob-smacked’ as we say in Yorkshire,” Mrs Mullins said.

“My husband was at the local working men’s club playing bingo, trying to get some extra euros for our holiday. When he came back he came upstairs and said, ‘I ain’t won owt’.

“I said ‘well you know that programme?’ And then took him through it step by step.” He said how much did you win? £500? When I told him he went ashen – he thought I’d had too much to drink.”

The couple spent all night discussing what to do with the windfall. Top of the list is a first class trip to Australia to visit their Melbourne-based daughter Sarah. A new bungalow is also on the cards for the retired pair, Mrs Mullins said.

She said the good news couldn’t have come at a better time having recently suffered from some health concerns.

“We haven’t had much luck lately, we were due a little bit of something,” she said.
Source: Press Association

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