Group campaigns for GNPC to acquire Kosmos shares

The Committee for Joint Action (CJA) on Wednesday launched signature campaign in support of Ghana National Petroleum Company (GNPC) efforts to acquire shares of Kosmos Energy.

Mr Kwesi Pratt Jnr, member of CJA, launching the campaign in Accra, said there were forces which were desperately trying to deny Ghanaians an opportunity to increase their stake in the Jubilee Field.

He said there had been campaigns of vilification and blackmailing to get the Government and GNPC to capitulate on the matter and they were backed by some anti-national forces.

Mr Pratt, who is also Managing Editor of Insight Newspaper, said that the conduct and reportage by some Ghanaian newspapers had tended to defend the interest of Kosmos Energy against that of Ghana.

“MIGA, a group of the World Bank that provided political risk insurance of the vessel has suspended its insurance cover for the vessel,” he said.

Mr Pratt pledged that the CJA would use every legitimate means at its disposal to mobilise people in Ghana to resist at all cost the attempt to usurp the nation’s oil resources.

He called on Ghanaians desirous of ensuring preservation of the national interest in the struggle to come to the Freedom Centre in Accra to register their signature.

Mr Pratt called on the media and all and sundry to participate actively in this struggle to avert what had befallen the nation in the mining sector.

He urged government not to be intimidated by these attempts to blackmail and stampede it into submission.

Mr Pratt asked government to steadfastly guard the national interest in order to free the nation from poverty and underdevelopment that had been grappling with Ghana for all these years.

About 15 people signed during the launch of the campaign.

Source: GNA

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  1. jacqui says

    for once, i agree with the cja on this issue. the more control ghana has in the oil sector, the better it is for us. we certainly do not want a repetition of what has happened in the mining sector. we can’t change the past but we can certainly push for better terms in the future. nigeria’s lesson is right next door, we don’t need special lenses to see.

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