Mahama pledges government’s support for butchers

Vice President John Mahama

Vice President John Dramani Mahama, on Monday said that government under the Northern Rural Growth Programme would support farmers to increase livestock production on commercial scale.

“Increased production will also make livestock affordable for butchers to provide decent and available services for all Ghanaians everywhere.”

Vice President Mahama announced these when members of the National Butchers Association (NBA), called on him at the Osu Castle, Accra, to congratulate the government for last year’s successful hajj to Mecca and the passing of the Savanna Accelerated Development Authority (SADA) bill.

The Butchers also informed government about challengers facing the group.

The Vice President said that government would support the agricultural sector to increase by 7 percent this year adding that livestock production would also be boosted to ensure sufficient meat supply.

“Government has already started distributing improved breed of animals to farmers and if that succeeds, farmers will now have more to sell and use for other social celebrations to reduce the burden on food crops they sell for their living.”

Vice President Mahama also promised that government would help eliminate the chain of middlemen in the sale of livestock to reduce the cost of meat to the final consumers in the country.

“We are aware of numerous middlemen who help bring the cost of animals so high for butchers and once we have a Deputy Minister in-charge of livestock, we shall work hard to eliminate them to make meat affordable to everyone.”

Vice President Mahama announced that government had already booked accommodation for Ghanaian pilgrims in Madina in Saudi Arabia, and called on all prospective pilgrims to pay their fares promptly to avoid the perennial challenges they faced during the Hajj.

Chief Alhaji Issifu Musah Dantankwa, General Secretary of NBA appealed to government to support the Association with small scale loans and a four-wheel vehicle for the secretariat to facilitate its work.

He appealed to government to help solve the problems they encounter when transporting animals from neighbouring countries into the country.

Chief Dantankwa called on government to build more meat shops for the members to help reduce transportation cost when transporting meat from the Northern to the Southern part of the country.

Source: GNA

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