NDC youth condemns cadres’ demand for removal of MCE

A group calling itself concerned youth of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), in the Upper East Region, has condemned the demand of Cadres of the Party in the Bolgatanga  Constituency to remove the Bolgatanga Municipal Chief Executive, Mr Epsona Ayamga.

The group in a statement issued and signed by its Spokesperson, Mr John Anaba described the entire allegations raised by the Cadres for the removal of the MCE as “false, baseless and senseless”.

The youth told the cadres that they should not allow their parochial and selfish interest to supersede that of the party, since this could affect it during the next election.

The youth debunked the allegation raised by the cadres that, the MCE, since his assumption of duty, had not visited the chiefs and opinion leaders to express thanks to them.

The statement said, it is not true and that the MCE had already done that and even some of them were with the MCE during the visits.

They further debunked allegations that the MCE was awarding contracts to his favourites and not involving them or giving them some of the contracts, saying, “there was always a tender board that awarded contracts and not the MCE”.

The Youth described the cadre’s accusation that the MCE failed to heal wounds, among contesting candidates, during the last election as an unfair, stressing that, the cadres were mixing up things without considerable reflection.

They pointed out that though the MCE pays allegiance to the NDC party by virtue of the fact that he was appointed by the President, the constitution limited his level of involvement in party activities because Municipal Assemblies were supposed to be non-partisan.

“On our part we think the role of healing wounds and uniting the members and leadership of the party is the responsibility of the Constituency executives, who should collaborate with the council of elders of the party in the Region, to do that”, they emphasized.

They said the allegation that the MCE since assumption of duty did not relate well with key members of the party was unfounded.

Mr Ayamga they noted related well with members of the party and was widely known as the only former constituency chairman, who single-handedly, funded a lot of the party’s activities throughout the period when the party was in opposition and had also been donating personal cash to support some members of the party, who were either bereaved and marginalized, as well as students.

“How can a character with such natural instinct for humanity relate badly with members of the party?”

The Youth said they had realized that, most selfish people in the party want President Mills and his appointees to satisfy only NDC party faithfuls to the detriment of the entire citizenry, which should be discontinued.

“The clamour for contracts by regional and constituency executives clearly demonstrates these assertions. People without knowledge in construction work feel they must be given contracts to execute”.

The youth expressed worry about the unfortunate development in the party and called on the leadership of the, including the cadres in the Region to remain focus and unite, rather than influencing issues that have the tendencies of tearing the party apart.

They advised that members of the party, who were peeved, should use the internal structures of the party to address their grievances, instead of going public.

The youth noted that, since the assumption of office, the MCE had initiated a lot of development projects, including improvement of road networks, installation of streetlights, building of more educational and health institutions, among others.

It would be recalled that three weeks ago, some cadres of the defunct Provisional National Defence Council, organized a Press Conference demanding the removal of the MCE. The MCE in reaction, refuted the allegations.

Source: GNA

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