Did Ghanaian-Belgian die from drug overdose in Japan?

The Ghanaian-Belgian man who died in Japan last Sunday shortly after arriving from Ghana is suspected to have died from drug overdose, the AFP reports, citing an unnamed diplomatic source.

The AFP suggests that the man, 55-year-old Kwadwo Akyereko and resident of Antwerp in Belgium “was smuggling a package of drugs in his stomach that probably burst.”

Akyereko who Ghana Embassy sources in Japan tell ghanabusinessnews.com was born in Kumasi according to the details in both his Belgian and Ghanaian passports died at Kansai Airport in Osaka when he tried to run away from immigration officials who were questioning him to know the purpose of his visit to Japan. The deceased was carrying valid Belgian and Ghanaian passports.

The autopsy report on the body has not yet been officially released but ghanabusinessnews.com sources in Belgium also suspect he could be carrying drugs.

The unnamed diplomatic source also told the AFP that an autopsy revealed that he had died of a drug overdose.

“It is a classical case where packages containing illegal substances explode or crack open inside the stomach. The drug is currently being analysed,” the source added.

Sources in Belgium who knew the deceased told ghanabusinessnews.com that he was an active member of the Ewe Multicultural International Community (EMIC) in that country and served in an elected position as its Welfare Officer.

One source described him as “very faithful, respectful and helpful.”

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

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