PNC members asked to close ranks for victory 2012

Members of the People’s National Convention (PNC) has been called upon to close their ranks and work tirelessly to help improve the party’s fortunes in the 2012 elections.

Mr Atik Mohammed, a Policy Analyst of the PNC, who made the call in Tamale on Saturday, claimed that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) government had so far not impressed Ghanaians, which the PNC needed to take advantage of to galvanize support to win the 2012 election.

He said this at a day’s capacity building workshop for Northern Region constituency executives of the PNC in Tamale.

The Netherlands Institute of Multi-party Democracy (NIMD) and the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) funded the programme, which was aimed to strengthen the grassroots organization of the party to enhance the PNC chances of winning election 2012.

Mr Mohammed claimed that the signs of voting the NDC out of power were clear and the chances of the PNC clearer since both the NDC and NPP had tasted power and failed to address the needs and concerns of Ghanaians.

“The era of deception is over. Both the NDC and the NPP managed to deceive Ghanaians for votes and both parties had failed to fulfill their campaign pledges”.

Mr Mohammed said though no government in any part of the world could fully address the needs and concerns of its people, there was the need for the people to be told the truth no matter how bitter it would be at all times rather than hearing “Politics of deception”.

He said apart from the NDC not performing to fulfill its “Better Ghana Agenda”, its own members were aggravating the situation by stabbing each other on the back, a situation, which was likely to ruin their efforts in retaining power in 2012.

Mr Mohammed advised members of the PNC to pay more attention on party structures saying, “When the party is visible everywhere, it would attract the needed membership for electoral victory.”

Source: GNA

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