Mining companies in Ghana spend $47.7m on social responsibility in 4 years

The country’s mining companies had between 2005 and 2009 spent a total of US$47.7 million in support of communities in catchment areas as part of their social responsibility.

This involved building of schools, roads, provision of potable water, electricity and recreational centres among other infrastructure.

Mr Dan Owiredu, President of the Ghana Chamber of Mines, who announced these in an address read on his behalf at the opening of a two-day stakeholder engagement seminar in Kumasi on Friday, said payment of royalties for 2009 amounted to GH¢104.2 million.

The event was organized by the Chamber for 30 Public Relations Managers and Community Relations Practitioners of mining companies and environmental officers of some district assemblies.

It was on the theme: “Deepening Stakeholder Engagement in the Mining Industry: Role of the Public Relations, Environmental and Community Relations Practitioners”.

Mr Owiredu said that the Chamber would pursue pragmatic strategies so that it could play its socio-economic role effectively to raise the image of the mining industry.

He pledged that the companies would uphold and respect the cultural values and customs of the people and                work with honesty and transparency and ensure good governance.

Mr Owiredu advised the companies to respect mining laws and regulations and to protect the environment and preserve biodiversity.

Ms Joyce Aryee, Chief Executive Officer of the Chamber, said the seminar was designed to equip participants with management skills.

She advised them to apply skills and experiences acquired to improve the mining sector to enable it to contribute to the country’s economic transformation.

Source: GNA

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  1. Busha T says

    Mining companies spent 47.7m, so why Obuasi still look like there is no mining going on over there especially when it comes to development .
    Ghanaian leaders both federal and provincial, district or municipal and town councils need to be smarter , realise Gold and other minerals is not renewable energy which will not permanently be around generations to come.
    Ghana has been mining for over 100years yet nothing to show for. No added value for our resources, no even medium industries, businesses that will create jobs, more jobs, better schools for all children, better hospitals for all citizens, better drinking water for all citizens, industrialised Agriculture to feed the nation, better Railway systems to reduce traffic greglock on highways accidents as well as damage to local highways.
    A nation should always think about it citizens first when it comes to minerals resources as well as developments without that we will continue to be slaves in our country.

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