Technology affecting English language in schools – Survey

Some teachers have complained about the poor performance of students in English Language examinations due to technology.

A GNA survey in some schools in Accra indicated that the poor performance in the English Language was due to the influx of various forms of technology especially mobile phones and the internet.

The teachers contended that this had rather boosted brisk business for remedial classes because English is one of the core subjects a student must pass to gain admission into higher educational institutions.

Mr Gabriel Ajavon, Assistant Headmaster and English Tutor of New Life Fellowship Institute at Mallam, an Accra suburb, said he had taught English Language for the past 15 years but had observed a massive difference in the performance of students for the past four years compared to 10 years ago.

He noted that some students speak Pidgin English Language, which also affected oral English.

Mr Ajavon, therefore, recommended that students should read more books to enhance their performance in English Language both academically and orally adding “technology has come to stay and since the world is now a global village, technology is inevitable”.

Master Nathaniel Ampah, a Junior High School Two (JHS) student of the institute said his peers normally used shorthand when writing text messages, which the mobile companies charged less.

He admitted that it was affecting their performance in English language, but could not avoid the use of mobile phones.

None out of the 10 students from Primary Six to JHS Three interviewed, had written a letter and posted through the post.

Some said “it is time wasting to pick a pen and paper just to write a letter to a friend or parent. In addition, it is expensive to post a letter after walking to the post office and it would take a long time for the letter to reach its destination and the receiver to reply”.

“We pick our mobile phones and with a click would be connected worldwide or use the internet to send messages or chat with friends, which is much more exciting, simple and a better way to communicate,” they added.

Source: GNA

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