Emmanuel Dogbevi contributes to National Geographic

Emmanuel Dogbevi

Emmanuel K. Dogbevi, one of Ghana’s respected journalists continues to attract international attention with his works as he recently signed a deal with the National Geographic.

Last week, the National Geographic made a request to him to use one of his photographs on the problem of e-waste dumping into Ghana – a subject he has written about extensively.

The request was made by a US production company, Far West Film in an email. The company wrote expressing interest in licensing the said photograph for a documentary on e-waste for the National Geographic. Dogbevi promptly granted the request and a contract was signed last Friday April 23, 2010.

“This is one of the high points of my career,” he said, “It is however sad, that the country I serve, doesn’t seem to acknowledge my little contributions as a journalist.”

“I have consistently written about and exposed the e-waste problem in Ghana, but I am yet to receive a single notification from a public organization on the works so far, even though, I am aware that my works are being used extensively without in some cases, due acknowledgement,” he lamented.

Dogbevi is a versatile writer who writes on every subject knowledgeably using his good research and writing skills to carry across points strongly and clearly.

Dogbevi currently manages and edits Ghana’s leading online business news portal, ghanabusinessnews.com.

By Benjamin Boateng

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