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Vodafone Ghana introduces occupational safety rules

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Vodafone Ghana, has introduced a fatality protection programme, to protect its employees, partners, assigns and contractors from fatal accidents and injuries while on the job. Vodafone’s health and safety standards known as “The Six Absolute Rules”, are meant to be implemented throughout all Vodafone operations in the country and with all third party contractors.

Mr David Venn, Chief Executive Officer, Vodafone Ghana made this known, when he briefed a team of media personnel at the Vodafone Corporate Office in Accra on Tuesday, He said the nation’s number one telecoms giant is also calling on corporate enterprises that do not have such employee protection schemes to consider instituting them for the sake of their employees.

Mr Venn listed the “6 Absolute Safety Rules” as the constant Wearing of Seatbelts, Wearing of Safety Harness and Fall Protection Equipment and the regulation that No Staff Can Carry Out Work on any Electrical Equipment, Circuits and Gears if they are not qualified to do so.

“Under Vodafone’s Six Absolute Rules, no employee or third party persons should be found working under the influence of banned substances, alcohol or drugs, which are illegal or in excess of legal levels. Excessive speeding and the use of hand held mobile phones while driving are all prohibited”.

Mr. Venn explained that it is critical to the business to keep its employees alive as a corporate responsibility measure, hence the call on employees to wear seat belts at all times, avoid driving under the influence of alcohol and not to exceed speed limits.

“The use of hand held mobile phones is something of great concern to us especially considering the fact that we are a mobile network operator, we believe in the optimal use of our devises and will work to help eliminate or reduce fatalities that arise from the misuse of mobile phones, “Mr Venn added.

He said the rules even though they apply directly to internal staff, “will be applied to all dealers, assigns and contractors we do business with as a sure means of endearing ourselves to our communities as a partner who is aware of the dangers to doing business recklessly”.

Mr Venn noted that: “I believe that in view of this, over the next couple of weeks to months, Vodafone will stand out as leading a solid campaign to reduce accidents on the job while minimizing reckless driving on the nation’s roads where statistics on accidents are rather staggering.” He indicated that the use of seat belts, as a standard, holds the key to numerous avoidable deaths and stressed that Vodafone would not compromise on it.

Source: GNA

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