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UK election to be called on May 6

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UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown

The general election will be on Thursday 6 May.

Gordon Brown will visit the Queen at Buckingham Palace later to request the dissolution of Parliament.

In Britain, the economy will take centre stage with all parties arguing that they have the right plans to lift the country out of recession.

In Northern Ireland, the election will test local parties and their leaders in different ways, with intriguing contests in a number of key seats.

Despite well documented problems Sir Reg Empey will hope the Ulster Unionists’ alliance with the Conservatives will bear fruit.

Peter Robinson of the DUP and Gerry Adams of Sinn Fein may both wonder how recent press coverage will affect their parties respective votes.

SDLP leader Margaret Ritchie knows she faces a challenge as she tries to become an MP and parties like the Alliance, the Greens and the Traditional Unionist Voice will wonder if they can cause a few surprises.

So stand by for a month of manifestoes, press launches and election debates and get ready for a long night on 6 May.

Source: BBC

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