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Young ladies from the North attend entrepreneurship fair

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Campaign for Female Education (CAMFED), an NGO, has organized a two-day career entrepreneurship fair for over 300 young ladies from 14 districts of the Northern Region aimed at giving them enlightenment and guidance about their life careers and how to achieve them.

The fair which was under the theme “Possibilities and opportunities”, was organized against the backdrop that most young ladies, particularly those from the three Northern Regions, found it difficult to meet their life choices and dreams due to inappropriate choices and poverty.

Mrs Delores Dickson, Executive Director of CAMFED Ghana, in an opening address on Monday in Tamale, said there were numerous opportunities in the northern sector for young ladies to turn them into opportunities and successes saying that the fair would broaden their scope to enable them to set long term goals for themselves.

She said opportunities abounded for them in the post Senior High School Education and entrepreneurial environments, which they needed to take advantage of to improve their personalities and status, adding that they could make it despite the difficulties.

Mrs Dickson said CAMFED believed that educating girls and providing them with economic opportunities was a sure way of lifting poverty out of families in Africa.

Mrs Clara Beeri Kassar-Tee, a Lawyer with Bentsil-Enchill, Letsa and Ankomah, who served as a role model for the young ladies, said it was not easy for her to overcome numerous challenges to attain her status due to the background she came from, but due to hard work and determination, she was able to achieve her dream.

She said the current generation of mankind was knowledge-based and nothing stopped the youth from achieving their dreams, adding that the skies cannot even be the limit for them.

Mrs Kassae-Tee, who was adjudged the 2009 best law student, said the road to success was never smooth and that she faced many difficulties and obstacles but kept moving on.

She said failure at first attempt was not the end for anybody but rather an opportunity to improve oneself.

Madam Rukaya Hussein, a Lecturer at the University for Development Studies (UDS), said before they could choose their career, the girls must assess themselves to know their interests, their skills and values to be able to make better choices.

She said in choosing their careers, they should also consider their financial status and where to find support to achieve their goals.

Imoro Afiriwa, a student from Chereponi SHS, said the fair was an opportunity for her to become a great lawyer, while Zakaria Sikena, a CAMFED seed money beneficiary, thought she was on the path to becoming a successful businesswoman by applying the principles taught.

The fair attracted many people from the business, education, entrepreneurial and communication industries, who aspired that it would give them guidance about their choices and how to overcome challenges to achieve successes.

Source: GNA

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