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Judge allegedly slaps complainant outside court

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A presiding judge at Wamfie District court, Kaakyire Atta-Owusu, is alleged to have slapped a complainant outside his court for allegedly threatening to curse any official who might deny him justice in an alleged armed robbery case pending before the court.

Kaakyire Atta-Owusu was alleged to have slapped Mr. Daniel Ansu, a businessman from Dormaa-Ahenkro immediately after the adjournment of the robbery case on March 5.

Narrating the incident to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) at Dormaa-Ahenkro, Mr. Ansu said six suspected armed robbers who attacked him and several others and collected his 8.4 million CFA at gun point on the Dormaa-Nkrankwanta trunk road earlier in the week were arraigned before the district court.

He said the judge surprisingly granted bail to all the suspects upon the request of their counsel which to him was strange as several victims of the robbery had identified the suspects in police cells.

The businessman said when the court adjourned, he and some friends and sympathizers were gathered outside the court pondering over the judge’s strange bail and what could have given rise to his decision.

“In the course of our discussions I stated unequivocally that woe betides any official – police or judicial – who might wish to use their influence to block dispensation of justice in the determination of my case”, Mr. Ansu said.

He said as soon as he uttered the words the judge, who had then come out of his office to pick something from his car, overheard the threat slapped him on his left cheek.

Mr. Ansu said he did not retaliate but reported the incident to the Dormaa Municipal Police Commander, Deputy Superintendent of Police John Kwabena Arthur.

Meanwhile, when the GNA contacted the judge in his office at Wamfie, he denied having slapped Mr Ansu but admitted he shoved him at the shoulder to register his displeasure at his threat.

Source: GNA

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