Northern Star Tomato Factory Starts production

The five million dollar rehabilitated Pwalugu Tomato Factory, now known as Northern Star Tomato Factory, on Wednesday started the processing of raw tomato into puree for commercial purposes.

The management of the company, which had earlier gone into terms with farmers to supply it with the raw material, appealed to them to feed the factory to sustain the production level.

A statement signed by Mr Abdul-Khassim Medjida, Public Relations Officer for the Upper East Regional Coordinating Council (UERCC) and issued to the press in the region, indicated that the company has zoned the region into three areas to enhance the sale of the produce to the factory.

Mr Medjida said farming communities such as Pwalugu, Yinduri, Arigu, Cira, Bisigu, Namoo, Tong and Winkogo would sell their produce to the factory on Wednesdays. Navrongo, Chuchuliga, Paga, Mayoro, Kandiga and Sirigu communities Thursdays, while Bolgatanga, Kumbosgo, Kalbeo, Nyariga, Zaare, Sumburungu, Shirigu, Yikene and Zabilla would supply on Friday.

The statement said a crate of a 40 kilogramme tomatoes goes for GHC5.40 while the company bears the cost of transportation of the produce to the factory.

The statement said, the Upper East Regional Minister, Mr Mark Woyongo, who was instrumental in getting the factory to start production, expressed joy at seeing the factory beginning operations.

The Minister appealed to all stakeholders to cooperate with the management of the factory for a successful operation.

The statement concluded that the Minister has earmarked an amount of 3 billion Ghana Cedis for the purchase of tomatoes for the factory.

Source: GNA

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