Trade unionists call for ratification of Global Job Pact

Stakeholders in trade union movements from some 15 African countries have called on African leaders to swiftly ratify and implement the “Global Jobs Pact” policy of the International Labour Organization (ILO).

The Global Jobs Pact adopted in June 2009 during an ILO summit in Geneva, Switzerland, called for an internationally agreed basis for policy-making designed to address issues pertaining to the labour front.

The Pact also calls for the implementation of social dialogues, collective bargaining agreements and minimum salaries guaranteed by law or as negotiated in order to avoid the deflationary spiral in salaries.

The pact called for the retaining of men and women in employment as far as possible, sustain enterprises, particularly small, medium-sized and micro enterprises.

It also urged governments to support job creation and promote investments in employment intensive sectors, facilitate more rapidly re-entry into employment by the unemployed and address wage deflation.

The policy also called for protection for families and persons affected by unemployment and support for those in the informal economy by strengthening social protection system to provide them with income support as well as the provision of security of pensions.

Mr Shigeru Nakajima, Chairman of the summit and an Advisor on International Affairs, Japanese Trade Union Confederation (JTUC), urged trade union leaders to study all law of the ILO in order to articulate and implement them well in their various countries.

The five-day summit which was organized by JTUC is under the theme, “Trade Unions Capacity Building on Collective Bargaining, Social Protection and Productivity in the Context of the Global Crisis”.

Source: GNA

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