Local business provides online booking solution for hotels in Ghana

Hotels in Ghana that want to utilize the power and full potential of the Internet to expand and grow their market share in the global tourism and hospitality sector can do so with a solution provided by a Ghanaian business, ourghana.com.

The product known as Online Booking Manager, is a cost-effective multi-lingual system for online booking.

According to Elliot Yaw Amoah, CEO of ourghana.com, the product enables hotels of all sizes to provide an efficient online booking service for their prospective clients. “This system,” he says “unlike other systems for online booking that run on a third-party server, runs on the service provider’s own server and the payment goes directly into the system provided by the service provider.”

He said the provider can hook the payment system onto the system of any local banker of choice and with a code provided by the banker, payment can be made directly into the provider’s account. The payment system can also be configured to Paypal and other payment systems that the provider chooses.

While individual hotels and accommodation providers can have the solution on their individual websites, ourghana.com has provided a platform on which hotels, guest houses and other hospitality service providers can link up and make it easier for their prospective customers to book online and make payments.

One of Ghana’s top hotels, the Alisa Hotels is already using the system.

For further enquiries, call +233243221455 or visit www.ourghana.info.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

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