Herdsman fined GH¢720 for stealing a cow

Hamidu Amadu, a herdsman, was on Friday convicted to a fine of GH¢720 by the Kade District Magistrate Court for stealing a bull valued at GH¢500.

In default Amadu who pleaded guilty would go to jail for 18 months in hard labour.

Police Inspector Francis Cobbina told the court presided over by Mr Abdul Majid Iliasu that the convict once worked for the complainant, Mr Oti Boateng, but was later dismissed.

He said on February 08 Amadu took his cattle to the bush to graze and while there he saw the complainant’s cattle also grazing.

The prosecutor said Amadu stole one of the cattle which he added to his without being noticed by Mr Boateng’s herdsmen who were then sitting under a tree a few metres away from their cattle.

Amadu hid the stolen bull in the bush and fed it everyday.

On February 20, he brought the bull to a riverside to drink water but someone saw him and questioned Amadu as to what he was doing with the animal.

The prosecutor said suspecting that the convict might had stolen the cow, the witness called Amadu’s master, Mr. Kwame Agyei, who went to the scene.

Mr Agyei counted his cattle and they were up to the number.

Mr Boateng was later informed by one of his herdsmen that Amadu was seen under a palm tree. Mr Boateng lodged a complaint with the police and Amadu was arrested.

Source: GNA

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