Cadbury transfers £500,000 to Ghanaian cocoa farmers

Cadbury Dairy Milk has transferred over 500,000 pounds in premium to cocoa farmers in the country as a result of the company’s purchase of Fairtrade cocoa.

Mr. James Boateng, Managing Director of Cadbury Ghana, who announced this, said the premiums will go directly into projects that farmers had determined, including building wells and mobile health clinics and funding for carbon reduction schemes.

“Alongside the community investment, the money is also being used to fund farmer training, incentives and provision of tools,” Mr Boateng said at the release of “Big Swap Songs” album, which featured a Ghanaian group, the Big Ghana Band.

The launch coincides with Cadbury campaign to celebrate a Fairtrade fortnight to encourage more people to get involved in the fair trade movements.

Mr Boateng said despite Cadbury’s acquisition by Kraft, the company would remain committed to the partnership to improve the lives of cocoa farmers in the country.

In January 2008, the Cadbury Cocoa Partnership was established in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme, governments, farmers and communities.

The partnership aims to secure the economic, social and environmental sustainability of around one million cocoa farmers and their communities in Ghana, India, Indonesia and the Caribbean.

Over 10 years, 45 million pounds will be invested through the partnership to improve farmer incomes, develop communities and build partnerships.

In January 2009 Cadbury announced that the Cadbury Cocoa Partnership was active across 100 Ghanaian communities, marking the 100th anniversary of cocoa trading with Ghana.

The programme will focus on investing in farmer education that develops best cocoa management practices, and explore carbon reduction techniques to secure more sustainable cocoa farming.

Source: GNA

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