Two communities reconcile after 90 years revolt

A happy re-unification meeting was held at Gomoa Assin between Gomoa Akyempim Traditional Council and the Chiefs and people of Gomoa Oguan.

Gomoa Oguan broke away from the Gomoa Akyepim Traditional Council 90 years ago.

As part of the unification process, Ogyeedom Ama Tsetsewa I, Mankrado of Oguan was elevated to Osahene of Gomoa Akyempim Traditional Area.

The reconciliation was initiated by the Omanhene, Obrifo Ahunako Ahor Ankobea II and Mr Theophilus Aidoo-Mensah, Gomoa West District Chief Executive.

Obrifo Ahor Ankobea said in 1530 and 1730, a war broke out between Gomoas and Agonas when Ahunako Ahor I was the Omanhene of the Gomoa Akyempim.

He said due to the ill-health of Nana Ahor I, his herbalist and a friend called Nana Kusae Edu, was made to lead the Gomoas to the war known as “Sasaborwar”.

The Gomoas defeated Agonas and as a sign of appreciation, the Traditional Council enstooled Nana Kusae Edu, who hailed from Oguan as Omanhene after the death of Nana Ahor I.

The Omanhene said the succession continued from Kusae Edu’s lineage up to about 1923 when the Traditional Council felt that the reward was enough so the Omanahene’s stool was reversed to Ahunako Ahor’s lineage.

He said the people of Oguan did not accept the decision to reverse the title back to Ahor and vowed never to serve the Council.

Obrifo said to effect the decision, King Kojo Kum from Oguan, who was then the Omanhene, was destooled and from that time to date, Oguan had boycotted relationships with Akyempim.

He said for the sake of the bravery exhibited by Nana Kusae Edu during the Sasaborwar and for the sake of unity his administration wanted to pursue, he had maneuvered with the help of the DCE and Ogyeedom Tsetsewa to bring the people on board.

Obrifo said his doors are opened at all times and was ready to listen to people with grievances against the Council and assured that he would see to it that justice was done.

Ogyeedom Tsetsewa, known in private life as Ms Esther Atumoeku, a Tema-based businesswoman, expressed gratitude to all those who made the reconciliation possible and hoped that it would bring a change into living conditions of the people.

Mr Aidoo-Mensah called on the people to use the new wind blowing in the area to facilitate their development.

He charged the new Osahen to lead the people to bring reforms into the education, which he described as falling and health delivery not only at Oguan but the whole district.

Ogyeedom swore the oath of allegiance to the omanhene.

Source: GNA

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