Adeiso wants government assistance to increase food production

The people of Adeiso in the West Akim District of the Eastern Region, has appealed for government’s assistance to use River Adeiso to construct a dam and a fish pond.

Barimah Oduro II, Chief of Adeiso, on behalf of his people, specifically called on the Ministry of Food and Agriculture and the Millennium Development Authority (MiDA) for the assistance to contruct the dam and the fish pond which he said would enable them to increase food production in the area.

He made the appeal during the celebration of Akwasidae by the chiefs and people of Adeiso, who are mostly farmers on Tuesday.

Barimah Oduro II said the assistance when given would improve food production in the area and create jobs especially for the youth in the area.

He said chiefs in the district had earmarked more than 20 hectares of land for the project, which when undertaken it would go a long way to stop the youth from migrating to city centres to search for non-existing jobs.

He expressed appreciation for the number of electrification projects undertaken by the government at Adeiso and its environs.

Nana Addae Obuobi, a sub-chief of Adeiso also called on the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to provide police personnel in the area with night patrol vehicle to enable them to give security to the people. There are about 150 villages in the district.

He also called for the beefing up of police personnel adding that the chief and the elders had offered a land for the construction of a new police post.

Source: GNA

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  1. Osuamn says

    I am Osman.Son of Adeiso .They ministries of Ghana should not mind the chief he is want to use the river for His won selfish interest..No one in the community is going to be benefit from what he wants to do with the River

  2. muhammed ajdad says

    It is a good ideal, even if the chief is heading to his own interest,it will still develop adeiso. Employment is the major part which can contribute mostly,the youth are ineed of jobs. I think it may help if the dam or pond is constructed. But I think the river adeiso is very bushy,dirty and conjested with filthy items that are needed to be cleared off.
    Having police destination is not bad because looking at our old manshioned unwealthy police station, I think it must be re constructed.
    Morover,there must be a sort of improvement since adeiso had district, absolutely nothing cfan be pointed as the improvement from the time we had our district. I think the chief is having a good plan for adeiso if only he is not heading towards his own…interest. Thanks.

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