Ghanaian man jailed 40 years in US for killing wife

Jude Agbley

A Ghanaian man has been jailed for 40 years in the US for strangling his wife to death.

The man, Jude Agbley, 34 was said to have killed his 40-year-old wife Brenda Agbley on Friday January 23, 2009 in her Ogden Avenue home.

Police found her dead when they went to her house after they were told she did not pick up her son, who is in first grade, at the bus stop.

The US media reported of Jude Agbley’s arrest after he had escaped when he was wanted for the murder. He was arrested by immigration officials as he attempted to travel to another destination by the security services.

Agbley was tried and found guilty of murder in November 2009. He was sentenced Tuesday February 16, 2010.

Agbley, according to reports testified in his own defense at the trial, saying that he and his wife got in a fight over e-mails between her and another man.

“She grabbed scissors,” Agbley said, during testimony. “At one point I think I did grab her (neck). When I lifted my hands she wasn’t moving. I tried to resuscitate her.”

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

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