Ghana wants Globacom to start operations on country’s Independence Day

The Minister of Communications says the government of Ghana is working hard to enable Globacom to launch its operations in the country on March 6, 2010, the country’s Independence Day.

“Let me assure Globacom that government is doing everything within its reach to allow for your major launch to coincide with our Independence celebration,” Mr. Haruna Iddrisu said.

The minister was speaking during a ceremony at which Globacom presented a cheque of $250,000 to the national football team, the Black Stars.

He said he had personally ordered the National Communications Authority (NCA), the National Bureau of Communications and ZTE Corporation of China to allow the 800 spectrum which will be used by Globacom to be free for the mobile provider’s use within 14 days.

But a source close to Globacom has denied that the company was planning to start operations in March. He however, told over the phone that the company was planning to launch its services this year.

Globacom is one of the six mobile phone companies licensed to operate in Ghana.

In August 2009, broke the news that Globacom was laying fibre optic cables in Ghana for its broadband service.
Globacom received the license to operate in Ghana in June 2008 from the National Communications Authority (NCA) in Accra. But regulatory and permit challenges have slowed it from setting up its base stations to begin operations. Ghana’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently granted it license to that effect, paving the way for Globacom to begin building its cell sites.

When the company was issued its license to begin operations in Ghana, Globacom’s management announced the establishment of its Glo-1 Submarine cable to be laid through Europe, Accra to Nigeria.

The other mobile phone companies operating in Ghana are MTN, Tigo, Vodafone, Kasapa and Zain. MTN has the biggest market.

According to data from the NCA there are 15,108,916 mobile phone subscribers in Ghana as at the end of December 2009, and about 7.5 million subscribe to MTN, according to sources within the company. Ghana has a population of about 22 million.

Meanwhile, a report by a research company, Companies and Markets published in August 2009 has described Ghana’s mobile telephony industry as one of the largest in West Africa.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

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  1. ohene-darko says

    perfect day to launch operation in ghana
    i love you

  2. Andy says

    Glo, Please try and launch your operation on March 2010 in other to provide ghanains a consistence broadband internet services.
    We wanna get rid of Vodafone

  3. Richard says

    we want to hear more from you,GLOBACOM

  4. Kwame says

    Please Globacom, I don’t want to lose my special number let me know when you are starting . I have bought a brand new Blackberry phone waiting for my glo sim card. I live at Madina in Accra and have seen glo office fully furnished a sign of good things to come soon but how soon.

  5. senyo says

    am sure glo can define what best among the is when it comes to telecommunication services. on behalf of Ghanaians i warmly welcome you. woezor

  6. kayode adigon says

    for how long do you want us to wait? we need ur services badly

  7. Selina says

    Please, plsease, GLO you are highly welcome, i have been dreaming on when to have my glo sim card because ghanaians are sick and tired of MTN high tarif and failed calls drops… MTN claimed to be the biggest network in ghana but still we do not enjoy their services, Glomobile ghana is our dream come true, thanks to Globacom Nigeria….

  8. kayode adigon says

    the only way our gsm network problems can be solved: is for glo to start operating,but they keep us waiting too long.

  9. Moses Tei Nartey says

    we cant wait to welcome you GLO

  10. john kolou says

    just cant wait for my number on your network (GLO).

  11. Emmanuel akrasi says

    l was so happy when l heard glo is launching it operation on 6th march, oh l was so happy, glo we are standing and praying very hard that this year glo will come out ,
    l always get happy when ever l see the advert on TV, what l keep saying is, that’s what am talking about gol the champions, am so much in love with it , my hope is to work with the winning team that is glo, GLO YOU ARE WELCOME

  12. Osei Kuffour Bonsu says

    I have closely watched glo grow from good to better. Their emergence in our ghanaian market i believe is quiet impressive. I wouldn’t be shocked if they take over the telecommunication industry in Ghana with their top notch services just as they have in other countries. Go GLO!!!. I am still watching out for you


    I want to be Glo’S distributer in in The Northern Region i want to know the procedure and again where do we send applications if you want to work with your company.currently am working with Zenith Bank but i want to be A KEY AGENT IN THE NORTHERN REGION

  14. odeneho ksl says

    I am a teacher at Haatso in Accra. I don’t want to lose my number. Try to go Zain way of number pre-registration. So that i can get my special number . Glo we are waiting for you.

  15. Yeboah Anthony says

    l feel very proud of our vision for Africa and the entire Word-Globacom
    Ghanaians are waiting for you.


    Ghanaians warmly WELCOME Glo to Ghana as the sixth telecommunications network.Ghanaians cannot wait to experience GLO`S best network.Our world is realy about to change.I also have a special mobile number to reserve so please go the same way as Zain did.I would also be grateful if Glo could get me an employment as one of it`s Dispatch Riders.

  17. Josephine Odonkor says

    I thank God for the coming of glo .Indeed this is the sixth telecommunication to come to Ghana.DESPITE COMPETITORS I know it will survive.the world indeed is about to change.i will also be happy if im giving the opportunity to render my service to such a hereos company as customer care personnel

    Thank you

  18. Josephine Odonkor says

    thanks to glo competition inw enjoyable.Ghanaians welcome you.expectations are very high

    Thank you

  19. Josephine Odonkor says

    please direct me to the website of recruitment Idesperatly need it
    Thank you

  20. sebaastian peprah says

    I am a recent graduate Bsc. physics student from the university of cape coast and i wish to have my national service with such wonderful company which start october 2010

  21. No matter the circumstances, glo shall overcome the other networks especially the so called mtn. go go go glo we are waiting for your good services.

  22. because they (mtn) can not compitte with glo that is why they are indirectly preventing your (glo) coming to an existance but what the Lord has joined, no one can distroy it. Glo will diffinately come to live and serve it numerious customers who are being cheated by other networks. Come so that we can get more job to do.

  23. Kwame says

    I am greatly delighted by the many good wishes that I have read in this forum for the impending arrival on the telecom scene in Ghana by GLO. There is no denying the FACT that many of the users of the services of the current operators are COMPLETELY dissatisfied with what they are receiving, and stand ready to SHIFT their allegiance. That is quite sad, for me. But, yes, that is what happens when the market begins to feel cheated – it looks elsewhere for succour!! The telecom companies operating currently in Ghana have NOT done much to be able to resist the arrival and (eventual) penetration of the market in Ghana by GLO and, IF the former do not take steps to stop the disdain that has characterised the dealings of some of them with their Ghanaian clientele, they may just as well “kiss good bye” to the good fortunes they have enjoyed to date.

    I am DEFINITELY waiting MOST IMPATIENTLY for GLO to arrive on the market and take over my custom because I am fed up with the arrogance that some of us have had to put up with.

    And, for GLO, my reason for waiting to leave my current service-provider SHOULD encourage GLO to PROPERLY fashion out a very good marketing plan which will help them attract and KEEP customers!!! GLO should make the effort to recruit GOOD-mannered personnel who will AT ALL TIMES service customers with a GENUINE smile. Again, the personnel MUST appreciate the general level of education of the MAJORITY of their customers and, thereby, design an appropriate strategy to create a WELCOMING operating environment at GLO.

    Well, I have already indicated my wish to see GLO begin operations in Ghana, and I wish they would “tomorrow”. I, as well as thousands of Ghanaians, are looking forward to enjoying GOOD and PLEASING services in both data and voice telecommunication. GLO, you are MOST welcome!!!

  24. Nkor says

    I am waiting impatiently, for GLO to glow my world! Oh, how I wished you started ops yesterday! Now, tell when are you officially launching your network?

  25. Kofi Akuffo says

    I have noticed that GLO has done a lot of work putting their underground cables in place, I saw one at Kitase Akuapem, my hometown.

    I know very soon GLO will come and the REST shall exit mandatory.

    Bravo GLO so far.

  26. a. pappoe says

    so many Ghanaians have invested so much in vodafone service especially me; but have achieve next to nothing. Glo, the earlier u come to our aid the better. having spent over 20,000 ghana cedis to invest in vodafone but has disappointed me with some of their bribe and corruption managers.

  27. mr .oko says

    Glo, i wish your operations will start soon. when are in dare need of you. don’t copy the bribing and corruption of some of vodafone managers at dansoman far in your dealings. Always be on the alert of your managers who will handle the business for you. Always find a way to make sure customers complains will be heard and rectify when the need arises.allow customers to recommend managers who will provide good services.

  28. mr daniel pappoe says

    Glo, help me quickly because during rain season my vodafone internent service will not allow me to get internet access.

  29. a. pappoe says

    we , your customers will like to know when your operations take effect. send me a mail. we are perishing ; the earlier we hear from u the better.
    i am at a loose end. put a smile on our faces. pls. we plead with u.

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