under attack!

In the last couple of months we have gathered enough information which indicates that is coming under various forms of attack from some groups and individuals who see us as competition and a threat.

But of all the attempts to destroy the website, the most vicious has emanated from an individual who is not a Ghanaian, does not live in Ghana, but runs a website in the name of Ghana. We are withholding the name of this person for now.

Some of the deliberate efforts that are ongoing to thwart our work include refusal to duly acknowledge our works and in some cases others taking credit for our works.

Indeed, the emergence of the World Wide Web and the Internet has made access to information easier, making it possible for anyone to access information from one point or the other, and therefore, it is easier for others to republish information that other sources have published.

As a result of this development, some organizations have relaxed their insistence on their copyrights especially, when they are duly credited for the information. But there are some other organizations that take a very serious view of the act, even in cases where they are duly credited for the information.

We at, are not worried if others use our original continent and duly acknowledge us, it is however, the consistent and deliberate use of our original content without crediting us that is of great concern to us. Some radio and TV stations, newspapers and other websites use our materials and do not acknowledge us as the source, and they do that on purpose. Some of them claim that by acknowledging the works of others which they use on their sponsored networks amounts to advertising!

There are some incidents that are genuine mistakes and oversights though, and when the attention of these groups and individuals have been drawn to the error, they happily correct it. But there are some who take offence at being reminded that they should at least acknowledge sources of material that they publish from other sources.

Sadly, some of these people think that once a material or information is put on the internet it is free!

It is our complaints against the consistent inappropriate use of our original content that has irked this individual and he is going to all lengths to destroy

This individual according to the information we have, called the owner of the business that is managing our domain name and promised to offer any amount of money to this person to transfer our domain name to him. The reason for this criminal act is obvious.

Apart from the fear of competition, there must be some other reason behind such a dastardly act. As a matter of fact, we at, do not fear competition, indeed, we welcome it! We know that the best way to compete is to offer what we know best, superior quality stories, which we believe our detractors are also capable of doing, but for reasons best known to themselves, they do not do, and instead choose to attack us on other fronts.

We are taking all the necessary steps to protect the integrity of the website, we are in discussions with our lawyers and the Copyright Office of Ghana and we will on the advice of our lawyers involve the Ghana Police at the appropriate time.

We however, wish to inform our most cherished visitors and readers that, we will not relent in our efforts to serve their very good courses and continue to meet their demand for high quality news and information.

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  1. Joseph Kwasi Dzitse says

    Never mind them for God is with you all. It is just ideal to acknowledge a source of every information one gathers. It is quiet dishearting to take a glory that does not belong to you in life.

    We love and any attempt to fight it, God will deal with that person. God bless the internet, God bless and God bless Ghana.

  2. Kwame says

    Sad to see your site being attacked. This is the nightmare of all sites designed with open-source cores. You constantly come under attack of all sort. You just have to be updated all the time.

    I practically had to abandon a site cos i couldn’t take the attacks on it. Even my hosting providers were in awe as to what means they were using.

    In short, you have a decent website and its going well, i’ll suggest you build a rather secured or purchase a good proprietary system once you can afford it. Open-source systems are good for the start but trust me when your site starts getting popular and attracts a lot of visits, all the spammers and hackers will be breathing down your neck and because the system is there for the taking, they will try till they get you.

    Now that you know who is behind your attack, get him/her to stop.

  3. r says

    To suggest a proprietary web host is nonsense advice. The majority of web servers for example use Apache. Of more importance is employing people who now how to apply correct security configuration. In fact open source is more secure because system weaknesses are made public for the programmers world wide to fix.

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