Court orders arrest of juror

A Koforidua High Court has ordered the arrest of a juror, Mr Teye Tetteh, and issued a bench warrant for the arrest of another juror empanelled on a murder case for allegedly demanding monies from the relatives of the accused person.

The other juror whose name was not given by the court was said to have stopped coming to court for two weeks when the information was leaked hence the bench warrant for his arrest.

Subsequently the Presiding Judge, Mr Justice Kossi Kaglo, dissolved the jury upon request from both the prosecution led by State Attorney, Fred Tetteh and the counsel of the accused.

The prosecution told the court that the relatives of the accused including his mother and sister had reported to him that the two jurors had demanded GHC 2,000 each from them and if they failed to do so, the accused would be convicted.

He also told the court that on two occasions he saw Tetteh conversing with the relatives of the accused at the court premises and his suspicion was confirmed by the counsel of the accused who also said that the relatives had brought the demands of the jurors to his attention.

A new jury was immediately empanelled who took the oath of office to enable the court to proceed with the substantive case.

Mr Justice Kaglo cautioned that the work of the jury was a statutory responsibility to help judges administer justice fairly and truthfully therefore any one who abuses it would be dealt with.

Source: GNA

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