Ghana government asked to focus on attracting investments

Alhaji Gado Sulemana, a leading member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has urged the government to improve the country’s infrastructure to make the nation more attractive to foreign investors.

Alhaji Sulemana said Ghana needed foreign direct investments to reverse the growing unemployment among the youth.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency, in Kumasi on Friday, he said it was important for the ruling NDC to focus on growing local Ghanaian businesses.

He said entrepreneurs should be supported to expand and operate efficiently to provide employment for the people.

Alhaji Sulemana said the expectations of Ghanaians from the Mills Administration to deliver should not be underestimated.

He asked the business community to show understanding and co-operation with the government by honouring their tax obligations.

He, however, counselled that care must be taken not to over-burden the people with tax to create public disaffection for the government.

Alhaji Sulemana touched on the need for absolute unity and peace in the NDC and said this would enable the party to concentrate on the task of winning election 2012.

Source: GNA

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