Akosombo Textiles may resume full operation on Monday

Akosombo Textiles Limited said on Friday that it would resume full operation from Monday when expected consignments of residual fuel oil (black oil) is supplied to the factory.

“Management would like to stress that the stoppage of production is entirely due to shortage of black oil and that we are anticipating that the problems with supply from Tema oil Refinery will be resolved to allow continuous operation,” it said in a statement issued in Accra.

It said it received sufficient supplies of black oil on Thursday from private oil marketing companies to allow the factory to resume production for two days only.

The statement said assurances had been obtained from other private oil marketing companies for additional supplies which, if received, would enable production to continue for a further one week.

Under these circumstances, workers in the Printing and Dyeing Departments were asked to report for work on Friday.

“If the expected consignments are received by Saturday, February 6, the factory will resume full operation as from Monday, February 8, when workers in our Spinning and Weaving Departments will be asked to report for work,” the statement added.

Source: GNA

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