British children believe sheep lay egg – Survey

Eggs come from sheep, crisps are made of plastic and butterflies produce cheese – these are just some of the wrong answers given by children in a test of their knowledge of food sources, it was revealed.

The survey of more than 1,000 school children showed that nearly two thirds struggled to identify the origins of the everyday foods they eat.

Some thought beef burgers came from McDonalds or Burger King, that yoghurts were made using turkeys or ducks, ham came from the Co-Op, bacon from horses, goats or peacocks and cheese originated from butterflies, rats or mice.

Less than one in four knew that beef burgers are sourced from cows, with 29% saying beef burgers came from pigs.

More than 1,100 youngsters from Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Somerset, between the ages of six and eight, were questioned for the research commissioned by rural insurance firm Cornish Mutual.

The survey was used to determine their level of awareness and knowledge of vegetables, dairy products and meat produce and to see if they were able to recognise how they are sourced.

Other bizarre responses from pupils included children believing rabbits, plastic or sheep were the main ingredient of crisps (two thirds correctly identified potatoes).

Some thought ice cream was made with cheese, air, fish or potatoes (43% correctly said milk or cream).

But children’s overall level of recognition of vegetables was high, ranging from 98% for carrots and sweetcorn to a low of 44% for swede/turnip.

Levels of animal recognition were even higher, with all pupils correctly identifying cows, 99% for pigs, 98% for chickens and 97% for sheep.

Source: Press Association

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