Night club owners blame churches for drop in business

Night club owners in Cape Coast, the Central regional capital of Ghana are blaming churches for the drop in business, The Mirror reports.

Most revelers, they say do not patronize their clubs because of the churches.

According to the report, night club owners made this complaint at a stakeholders meeting at the Elmina Each Hotel with the Ghana Tourist Board.

They claim the churches’ campaigns that paint the clubs as ‘sinful places’ have led to the collapse of most night clubs.

The club owners also blame the churches for organizing all-night prayer sessions on Fridays which have taken people away from the night clubs.

According to the club owners, this trend has affected night life, tourism, economic and employment activities in the city.

They argued further that relaxation is a part of life and called on the churches to allow “the city’s most visible and once vibrant industry to thrive.”

Some church members however told The Mirror that, the churches must rather be praised for saving the country’s youth from “negative behaviour.”

Other church members however, advised the club owners to revive their marketing strategies to win customers for their services, the report said.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

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  1. ama says

    People flock to the churches, because for a small donation (and that’s supposed to be voluntary), they get vibrant music they can sing and dance to, in a language they understand! And sometimes the sermons testimonies are as entertaining as going to a comedy show!

    I abhor the motives of these pastors, who with their simple but slick advertising (moral authority of the Bible!) have taken over the minds and lives of too many of our compatriots, turning them into automatons who only do as they are told!

    These unregulated churches and their weird values and practices (who says you have to shout and shake your fist at God for Him to hear you?!!!) are taking away people’s ability to think and act for themselves!

    As far as I am concerned they are the Christian version of the Taliban, expecting people to lead joyless lives. Nothing wrong with going to a nightclub!

    However, nightclub owners and hoteliers should stop moaning and develop their own marketing campaigns to entice people to enjoy what they have on offer!

  2. thomas ayanful says

    i don’t think anyone should bear the blame. it is a fair compitition.the churches are advertising what they have to offer .if the cluds want the best for their business,they should also organise more attrative events and also attimes reduce rates.

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